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Fashion -  My favorite dress brand of 2020-2021

I began my modeling career in 2020 when the Pandemic took full force. Over that next year, I was able to partner and collaborate with 18 different boutiques. Of all the brands I worked with, one stood out above them all.


Why I started painting custom kicks...

As with most of my current projects and ambitions, things were spurred along through the development of Covid19 and all of the glorious alone time I got as a result. One such ambition was a new fiery joy of destroying ridiculously expensive shoes. 

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Why I went to college and DIDN'T get an art degree...

I am a full-time artist and have always had a passion for creating things. When I announced to my family I was going to college in pursuit of a business degree, everyone was shocked. 


Mud Girl Mud Run

I did something crazy earlier this year. I applied to be Mud Girl's Utah Influencer. That may not sound crazy yet, but here's the catch...


Why I became an influencer...

I began my influencer career in 2020 when the Pandemic took full force. Over that next year, I received thousands of dollars of fancy clothes for free. It wasn't hard to become an influencer and I can teach you how I did it...


Youtube is my greatest fear and why I've embraced it...

As a happy home-body and incredibly private person, I have watched in awe as brave souls' private lives became public in ways that have made me squirm. My privacy is important to me. I am afraid of opening up to people.  So why would I chose to do what scares me most?

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