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Live Event Painting

What is a live event painter?

A live event painter is an artist who attends your event in person and creates a masterpiece of art within the time frame of that event as part of the event entertainment. Live event painter Liz Hovley's versatile style allows her to capture anything from wildlife to athletic events. Is there something special missing from your corporate event? Let Liz's painting capture the energy you're looking for. 

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Live event painters are as rare as unicorns. It's hard to find an artist who is both artistically gifted and able to perform under tight time and social pressures. Artist Liz Hovley's outgoing nature and artistic flare will dazzle guests all evening with her painterly performances.


How much do live event painters cost?

Live event painters charge from $600 to over $8,000 per event. Liz's prices start at $1,200 for events along the Wasatch Front in Utah. For event occasions such as auctions or fundraisers, individual packages are available to give your event as much fundraising potential as possible (email for auction or fundraiser package options).

Payment can be paid in full in a single payment or split into three equal payments. The final payment must be made prior to the day of the event.


Will I get to keep the painting at the end of the event?

Yes! For the cost to employ Liz's live painting services for the event, you receive both the performance and the painting. Many of Liz's original paintings have a sale price comparable to the event package cost, which maximizes your value for the investment. *Liz will reserve the rights to the image for future use in advertising or printing. To inquire about obtaining the rights to an image, please email

I live outside of Utah. Will Liz require travel compensation?

In order for Liz to provide fair pricing for all inquiries, she must include travel expenses in the final price. Travel expenses are not limited to the cost of airfare, hotels, car rentals, meals and transporting painting equipment. 

What topics does Liz paint?

Liz's work caters to a family-friendly market. She loves to paint local scenery and animals native to a region (a great topic for corporate events). She also specializes in painting sports venues and sporting events. For brides and grooms, Liz can capture a special moment from the day to last a lifetime. 

What medium does Liz paint in?

Liz creates her paintings using fast-drying acrylic on board. Her fast-drying, high-quality paints allow her to finish a painting by the time your event ends. Liz knows that not everyone knows how to safely transport fabric canvases, so she has opted to paint on a sturdy board that will reduce many potential damages that could befall a piece after its completion. 

Cancelation Policy

If an event is canceled with at least one weeks prior notice of the event, then a 75% refund will be provided. No refunds will be provided after that date. Liz retains 25% of the deposited amount to cover her time and labor hours in planning the painting. There are countless hours of prep and planning that go into a painting before the actual painting begins, so that 25% deposit provides financial safety to the artist for dedicating valuable time exclusively towards planning for your event.

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