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Old Blue

Paper Size 8x10" - $85

Paper Size 24x30" - $140

Old Blue XL - Cotton Rag (Limited Edition, artist retouched) - 30x36" - $360




About Old Blue XL

Old Blue XL is printed on a wonderfully textured cottag rag paper (feels similar to watercolor paper). The thickness of the paper allows me to go over the top with painted brush strokes that make each Old Blue XL completely unique. 


About the Print Quality


When I was 21, I set out to find a printer for my artwork.


The first place I tried was a generic corner print shop by my house. I remember being instantly annoyed as the scans they made produced inaccurately colored, grainy, cheap-looking reproductions of my artwork.


I eventually found a print shop that created prints as beautiful as the original paintings themselves. They were expensive, but the end results were spectacular.


The high end printers touted that their prints didn't fade and would stand the test of time for my customers. Being a skeptic, I decided to test this claim for myself.


I set a cardstock print and a high end print in my window, facing the sun, for a full year. At the end of the year, I compared them. The cardstock print was almost unrecognizable because the inks had faded so much from the sunlight. The high end print looked the same as it did the day I purchased it from the printer.


Lesson learned.


Now, you get to reap the benefits of my years of research. I refuse to sell cardstock prints for my annual print sale because they aren't a good investment for all of you, the people who trust me To send them great artwork to have and to hold. Since I know all of you love great art, I have endeavored to get the best of the best for your collections.


Thank you all for following me on my journey!


If you have any more questions about the prints, email me at


Liz Hovley

Old Blue Print

PriceFrom $85.00
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